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Extra Credit: Host your site in Beaker

Beaker is a browser built on Dat. It's fun to play with, it enables sercure sharing of data through the browser, and Beaker makes it super easy to host a website. We :heart: Beaker Browser!

Install beaker on your machine

To see the data you've been working with, simply type the Dat-link (generated by the dat share command in the virtual terminal) into the Beaker browser address bar:


If you haven't added an index.html, Beaker should show you something like this:


If you've added an index.htl file, it will render the html and look more like this:


You can send the dat link to a friend and they can fork and edit their version of the site. They can also download the files.


Sites on Beaker can be saved to a library to view offline.


Play around with Beaker! And follow them @beakerbrowser for updates.