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Hosting a website

We've covered sharing, syncing, and live syncing of data. But what about sharing via the web? We can create a Dat link that can be viewed in any browser. Dat has an http server that can be turned on by adding --http$PORT_XX, where XX is specific to the server port.

To share your data via the web, create a file called index.html using the command touch. Type the following into the virtual terminal:

touch index.html

You will see a new file, index.html, has been added to the directory on the virtual server.

Let's make it fun! Use the test editor in the browser to add to the new index.html. Edit it and add some stuff in your html. Here's a silly template to get you started.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>Hello Friends!</title>
<h1>Welcome to my data website!</h1>
<p>More things about my data. And cat!</p>
  <img src="cat.png" alt="cat" height="300" width="450"> 
  <img id="rickroll" src=""/>  

To share this, type the following in the source terminal:

dat share --http=8080

Check out your new website at http://localhost:8080!

When you modify file, the site will update when you refresh the browser window. Pretty cool, huh?