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Live syncing data

Currently, you're running Dat both on the source and at your destination. Don't quit Dat! Leave it running on both terminals.

Notice that your source terminal window says:

dat synced, waiting for updates.

What happens if you make changes to the source file while your destination is watching? On the source side, edit the welcome.txt rapidly, saving after each edit in your text editor program.

Watch what happens in your destionation terminal window as you save.

Since this is a tiny text time, the updates will download extremely fast. Your source terminal window will look something like this:

1 connection | Download 445 KB/s Upload 0 B/s

Downloading updates...
[====================================------] 86.05%

Meanwhile, Dat running in the destination machine is watching for file updates:

Watching for file updates                                                          
ADD: welcome.txt (329 B)                                                           
ADD: welcome.txt (328 B)                                                           
ADD: welcome.txt (323 B)                                                           
ADD: welcome.txt (0 B)

The file will live sync to your machine as you save. Isn't that cool?