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Editing & sharing data

Now you have a copy of the files on your destination a folder called try-dat! But what happens if the contents of the files change? Let's find out.

On the source create a new file called welcome.txt and open it in your favorite text editor app (such as TextEdit or Sublime Text). Make some changes to the text in the file. Once you've edited it, save the file. The file on the source will no longer match the one on the destination. To rectify this and sync the new changes to the destination copy, run dat share again on the source.

Type the following in the source terminal:

$ dat share

This will create a link, that looks like dat://.... Your output in the source terminal will look something like this:

$ dat share
Created new dat

Now lets switch to the destination terminal. cd into the try-dat folder, and run dat sync.

Type the following in the destination terminal:

$ dat sync

Your output should look like this:

$ dat sync
dat v13.8.1
Downloading dat: 2 files (2.7 MB)

1 connection | Download 0 B/s Upload 0 B/s

dat synced, waiting for updates.
[==========================================] 100.00%

Check the file on both sides - they should match.